Ad-Free Events and eCards

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Ad-Free eCards and Events

When creating an invitation or ecard, you have the option to make the invitation/ecard web page ad-free by upgrading your invitation/ecard. Upgrading your event/ecard gives you access to all of our premium features for the invitation or card, including a premium design, digital envelope, customized URL, and the ability to add a larger guest list. If you select an upgrade, we guarantee that your event/ecard web page will be 100% free of third-party advertising. Simply select the check box next to "Don't want ads distracting your guests? Go completely ad-free!", located near the bottom of the "Options" page.

You can also make an invitation or ecard ad-free after you have already sent it. Just click the invitation or ecard in your dashboard to be taken to your "event management page". Click the "edit options" icon. Scroll down to the bottom of the "Options" page and select the Ad-Free option.