Communicating with guests for an event

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Reminders & Thank You Notes

Scheduled messages to guests
When you create an invitation, the system creates and schedules two pre-event reminders and one post-event thank you note. Ecards do not have reminders and thank you notes, as they don't require a date and have no RSVP capability.

The first default reminder is sent seven days before your event to all those who have yet to RSVP. The second default reminder is sent one day before your event to those who set their RSVP to "yes". The default post-event thank you is sent the day after your event to all those who set their RSVP to "yes".

You can edit or delete any of these communications on the "Options" page within the "RSVP & Privacy Settings" section when you are creating your invitation. If you want to delete any of the reminders or thank you notes, you can deselect the box next to each communication. If you want to edit a communication, you can click the "edit" link next to it.

After you have sent the invitation, you can edit, add, or delete communications by clicking the event in your "dashboard", which takes you to the "event management page". Scroll down to the "Communications" section where you should see a list of the communications. Click the icon in the "view" column next to the communication in the list to preview that communication. If you wish to edit the communication, click the "back to edit" button in the preview window. You can change the group of recipients of the communication (e.g., send to those who RSVPd "Yes or Maybe") and change the message entirely if you want. Please be sure to click the "update" button to save your changes. You can schedule additional reminders, thank you notes and messages to be sent to your guests by clicking the appropriate button. To delete any of the communications, simply click the red "X" next to the communication.