Custom URLs

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Custom URLs

Each ecard/event created is connected to its own web page. This allows you to send a link to your ecard/event web page to others, without needing to use the site to send the invitation or ecard.

Some uses you may find for your event/ecard web page URLs are the following:

  • Send your web page link to others to view/RSVP through your own email application
  • Send your web page link to others to view/RSVP through a social networking application (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc.)
  • Send your invitations/cards by postal delivery with the URL printed on the back; your guests/recipients visit the URL to view your event web page and RSVP to your event if it's an invitation.

You can customize the URL for your ecards/events as well as the URL for your sub-domain. Custom URLs are just another way in which we allow you to add your own touch to ecards/events. One big benefit is that they make your event/ecard web pages more user friendly as they are easier to remember.

Account URL
We allow you to specify your own sub-domain which all your ecards and events can then use as the root domain for their event/ecard web page(s). You can specify this URL by clicking the "account" button, clicking "settings" and entering your text in the "Account URL" section. Specifying a custom account URL is free. When you set an account URL, the URLs for all of your event and ecard web pages will now include your personalized text at the beginning of the URL. Please note that once you have set your account URL, it cannot be changed.

Event/Ecard Web Page URL
To use a custom URL with an event or ecard, you need to specify the URL in the "web page features" tab on the "Options" page. Click the "change" button in the "Custom URL" section, type your customization into the text box and click "save". You can cancel this by clicking the "cancel" button or the red delete button. It is best to customize your event/ecard URL after creating your account URL as noted in the section above. A custom event or ecard web page URL will make your event/ecard web page address even more reader friendly. This URL will appear on printed invitations and cards.

Please note that customizing your event or ecard web page URL incurs a cost as it is an upgrade feature. You can only customize the URL for your ecard/event web page before you send your invitation or ecard. Once you customize a URL for your ecard/event web page, it cannot be changed. Please be aware that even if you have specified a URL for your event/ecard web page, you must ensure that you send your invitation or ecard (you do not have to add any guests/recipients to your guest/recipient list) before sending the link to others.