Customizing Your Design

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Customize Your Design

The customize your design section is where you can customize your invitation, ecard or greeting card design. Here you can add and edit text, and if you have chosen a design with space for an image, upload and use your own image as part of the design.

Please note: the example below is of a design without space for an uploaded image; for help on using your own images, please refer to the Using your own images help page.


Sample Text
In the example above, a design has been selected and the sample text (e.g. "Your Title Here", etc.) has not yet been changed. If you have selected a design that contains sample text on the design, you must remove the text before you can proceed to the next page or confirm that you want to use the sample text. To edit or remove the sample text, simply click on and highlight the text (e.g. highlight "Your Title Here") and begin typing or click backspace/delete on your keyboard.

Font Options
Each design offers various font options to choose from. Click the text area, add your text and select it, and click the "font" drop down menu to select a font. You can also select the font style (optional bold or italics), color, size, and alignment by clicking your preferred options next to the design.

Font Size
To increase or decrease the size of the font, select your text and click the icons under the Font Size heading or select a font size from the "Font Size" drop down menu. Please Note: It is possible to make the font too large to fit in the available space. If you make the font too large you will see an error message next to the text fields, and you will not be able to proceed to the next page until your text fits in the available space. To make your text fit, either decrease the size, type in a shorter title and/or message and make sure that there is no extra text hiding outside of the text areas by deleting any extra spaces above and below your text.

Similar to font options, each design will include its own array of font color choices, which vary from one design to another. In the example above there are 5 pre-selected color choices, and the fifth icon features an optional color wheel, as indicated by the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the icon. When clicked upon you can select any color within the color spectrum for your font. As with font options, not all designs will share the same color choices, nor will they all include the color wheel option. Also, the Title text field may have different color options from the message field.