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News & Comments Stream

The news & comments stream is a list of your event/ecard activities such as RSVPs, new guests/contacts added, photos added, guest/recipient comments, and event date/time changes. By default, the news & comments stream appears both on the event report, viewable only by the organizer/sender, and on the event/ecard web page if you choose to make it public, where certain items in the stream are only viewable by the host/sender.

If the news & comments stream is public, that is, visible on the event/ecard web page, guests/recipients can subscribe to its RSS feed and can post comments which will be added to the stream.

You can disable the option for the stream to appear on the web page by deselecting the box "Guests/Recipients can view public news & comments" under "RSVP & Privacy Settings" on the "Options" page. When you leave this option selected, you agree to share event/ecard news with your guests/recipients through the news & comments stream section on the web page and through the ability to subscribe to a RSS feed. You also agree to allow guests/recipients to post comments that will appear on the event/ecard web page.

News & Comments Stream Management
Certain items in the news & comments stream are viewable only by the organizer/sender on the "event/ecard report". These items include bounced email addresses, guests/recipients removed by the organizer/sender, and private messages sent by guests/recipients.

Furthermore, the organizer/sender can add tweets (from Twitter) related to a certain search term to the stream. To do this when creating an invitation or ecard, enter a term in the text field next to "Add tweets to news & comments" under "RSVP & Privacy Settings" on the "Options" page. Adding tweets to your stream makes it more interactive as the content will be constantly updated to show tweets that include your search term. You can add terms once the invitation or ecard has been sent, and also remove the terms on the "Options" page.

RSS Feed
Event news is streamed in RSS (Really Simple Syndication). RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. An RSS feed benefits those who want to be able to receive updates from their favorite websites without needing to visit each website individually, allowing them to subscribe to the RSS feeds of their favorite sites to be able to view the content they want in one place.

RSS Feeds are useful to guests who may not want to visit the event web page to view the event activities. A guest will need an RSS reader to subscribe to the RSS feed of the event news. Once this criteria has been met, a guest can subscribe to the RSS feed of the event news by entering the event web page URL in their RSS reader.