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Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we receive from our users. We also have separate Invite & Ecard FAQ and Postal Delivery FAQ pages.

Q: How much do invitations and ecards cost?
A: While we do offer the option to upgrade any event or ecard, or your account, you can still select from our vast collection of free designs and send to a recipient list of up to 75 people for free. If you have more than 75 recipients, or want to make your invitation or ecard web page ad-free, or use our other upgrade features, you might want to consider upgrading your invitation, ecard, or account. For more on the costs for our upgrade services, please see Costs.

Q: How can I get my designs in the galleries?
A: We welcome new designers. For information on submitting your designs for consideration please visit our Design Submissions page.

Q: How do I change my password?
A: You can change your password by selecting the "Accounts" tab when logged in and clicking "Settings" to access the password change fields.

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: Click the "sign in" button in the upper right corner of the homepage and click the "Forgot your password?" link. Type in your email address and instructions will be sent to you by email. Occasionally our password help emails will arrive in junk mail or spam folders, so be sure to check if you haven't received the email within a few minutes. Please also check behind the "promotions" tab if you have a Gmail account (if you have it set up, it should be listed above your email inbox).

Q: Can I use my iPad/iPhone to create an invitation or ecard?
A: Our design application is Adobe Flash Player based, and unfortunately iPad/iPhone devices do not support Flash Player, therefore you will not be able to use our site properly on these devices. Similarly, if your computer does not have Adobe Flash Player installed you will not be able to create an invitation or ecard. You can download the latest version of Flash Player here: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

Q: Can we have multiple hosts or organizers for one event?
A: There is currently no specific feature that allows more than one person to manage an event. One possible workaround is setting up an account using an email address to which you all have access and then create the event from within that account. Then you will all be able to manage events from under that account. In the "add your details" section on the "design & details" page, you can specify all of the hosts' names and they will appear on the invitations or cards.

Q: Can I set up a recurring event?
A: We currently don't have a recurring event feature. However, there is a copy feature that allows you to create a new event as a copy of a past event, which allows you to set up new events without going through the full process of creating them from scratch.

Q: Can I change my invitation into an card or my card into an invitation after it has been created?
A: The functionality of an invitation or card cannot be changed once it has been created. However, there is a copy feature that allows you to create a new invitation as a copy of a card and vice versa. For each invitation/card in your dashboard you will see a row of icons, one of which is "copy." Click the "copy" icon in the listing for your invitation/card to copy over your recipient list, design and other details into a new invitation or card. You will have to rename the new invitation or card, but you can give it the exact same name as the original if you wish, just be sure to remove "(copy)" from the title in order to proceed.

Q: Why is the sample text appearing on my design instead of my own text?
A: The details text that you add below the design does not automatically add itself to the design, as that text will appear directly below the design. In order to add text to the design, you must click on the design, remove the sample text and add your own on the "design & details" page. Click the "design & details" tab of an unsent event or the "edit invite/ecard" button of a sent event. Click on the actual design, select the sample text and delete it, and then type in your text and customize it. Please be sure to save your changes.

Q: Can I have my guests' printed cards/invites all sent to me?
A: This is not a service that we currently offer. Our service is end-to-end, in that we print, stamp and mail the cards directly to your recipients from our printer's facility.

Q: How many guests or recipients can I have on my list?
A: Without upgrading to a yearly membership or the Single Send upgrade, you can add up to 75 guests/recipients for free. For an account that has been upgraded to the Social membership, you can send unlimited upgraded digital invitations and ecards for the year, each with a maximum recipient list size of 250 people. With the Single Send upgrade (which applies to just the event or ecard that you add it to) or the yearly Party Pro membership, you can add a maximum of 2,500 guests/recipients to each digital invitation or ecard (actually, it's 2499 + you, the host, who is automatically added to the guest/recipient list).

Please note: For invitations, this figure does not include friends of guests. In fact, a guest can have up to 7 friends in their party. For more info on our Single Send upgrade and yearly memberships, please see our Costs page.

Q: Why does my event/ecard report show that so few guests opened the email when I know more of them opened it?
A: See the Managing and extracting information about your event/ecard page.

Q: Why do some of my guests/recipients report that they haven't received the email invitation/ecard?
A: We work closely with all the large email hosts, and take active measures to ensure that your email invitations are not caught in spam filters. However, these measures aren't perfect, and some companies spam filters are very aggressive.

There are a couple things you can do. Ask your guests to check their junk email box. Also, ask anyone you expect to be sending invitations/ecards to on a regular basis to add the site's sender email address to their address book and spam safelist. This will help to ensure that all your invitations and ecards are delivered to their inboxes. The second option is to send the event web page link directly to your guests.

Please make sure that you are sharing the link correctly per the following directions.
Please note that you have to activate sharing for the event in order to allow guests to RSVP using the general link and to give guests/recipients access to all added details and options.

To activate sharing:

1. Log into your account, click the "account" tab and click "dashboard"
2. Click the event in your dashboard
3. Click the "options" tab of an unsent event (you automatically land on this page when creating a new invitation or ecard) or the "edit options" button of a sent event
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, select "allow guests to share the invite/ecard" and save your changes until you reach the "success!" page
Please then be sure to share the correct link with your guests.
To retrieve the correct event web page URL:
1. Log into your account, click the "account" tab and click "dashboard"
2. Click the event in your dashboard
3. Click the link that says "click here for help" beneath the RSVP/recipient list
4. If your or another name appears at the top left hand side of the event web page, please click "not you?" before copying the link. Copy the URL and paste it into a personal message (or wherever you are sharing it)

Q: I have some Email Block Requests. How do I find out which guests have blocked me?
A: You can find the persons with the block request on your guest/recipient list (in the guest/recipient list section of your "ecard/event report" tab) by the yellow triangular symbol displayed as their RSVP status. If you hover over the symbol beside a guest's name and it says "Email Blocked" then that person has blocked you. For more on block requests, please check out our reporting help page.

Q: Do you share my information or my guest/recipient lists with third parties?
A: We do not share your account information (including your guest/recipient lists) with any third parties for the purposes of listing on any other site or to send you, or the people on your lists, unwanted information.

Q: I was working on an invitation/card. I didn't log in or register but I thought I saved it. Now I can't find it when I come back to the site. Where did it go?
A: If you were working on an invitation/card but were not logged in, unless you registered/logged in immediately after working on the invitation/ecard or at some point before closing your browser window, then the application cannot tell that your account is where the invitation/ecard should be stored. Thus, the invitation/ecard will not be linked to your account. The invitation/card would have to created again when you are logged into your account.

Q: I lost an invitation I received and I don't know how to retrieve the information to RSVP. Can you help me?
A: If you register for an account, when you log in and go to your "dashboard", click the "received" tab and you will be able to view your received invitations and ecards, and RSVP to all invitations that you have received.