Guest comments and messages

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Guest Comments and Messages

Guest comments and messages
When guests view the event web page, they have the option of sending a private message to you by clicking the "Send the host a private message" button or, if the news & comments stream is public, they can leave a public comment on the event web page in the "News & Comments" section. Guests can also send a private or public message to you on the RSVP confirmation page.

Private messages are attached to the RSVP notification emails that you receive. You can also view private messages by clicking the event in your dashboard and clicking the "Private messages" button. This will take you to a page with a list of private messages sent to you. To respond to a private message, click the "Reply" button for the guest on the private messages page.

Guests with a party of more than one who RSVP with a "yes" or "maybe" also have the option to modify the size of their group as well as the names of the members of their party. For more information, see Group RSVPs for events.