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Invite & Ecard FAQ

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions that apply to invitations and ecards.

Can I update or edit my invitation or ecard after I send it?
Simply log into your account, go to your "dashboard" (that's the page with a list of your invitations and eards) and then click the invitation or ecard that you want to edit. In the "event report" or "ecard report", you will see an "edit invite" or "edit ecard" icon, depending on whether you are looking at an invitation/ecard. Click the icon to be taken to a page where you can update the design and details.

How do I add guests/recipients to my guest/recipient list after sending it?
To add guests/recipients to your guest/recipient list after sending your invitation or ecard, log into your account and then go to your "dashboard". Click the invitation or card to get to your event management page. In the "event report", click the "add guests" or "add contacts" icon. Add your guest/recipient information, click <next step>, and continue the steps to send your invitation or ecard.

If you only want to edit guest/recipient information, click "manage guests" or "manage contacts" and this will take you to a page where you can edit your guests'/recipients' information and optionally resend the invitation or ecard to them.

I would like to change the font and text position of my added text on my invitation/ecard design. Is this possible?
Yes, it is. You can choose from a selection of fonts, and also change font size, color, and justification on all designs with space for text.

I would like to make my event web page address easier for my guests to remember. How do I customize my URL?
There are two things you can do to make your event web page address easier to remember. The first is to specify an Account URL in your account settings and the second is to specify an event web page or ecard web page URL for your invitation/ecard. For details on how to do this, please visit our Custom URLs help page.

I don't want people I don't know getting invitations or being able to register for my event. How do I prevent this from happening and how do I prevent guests from sharing invitations with others?
To prevent guests from sharing invitations with others or from signing up for your event from your event web page, please do the following: For a sent invitation, log into your account and click the invitation in your dashboard. Click the "edit options" icon in your event report. Scroll down to "RSVP and privacy settings" and deselect the option "Allow guests to share the invite." Then click the "prevent sharing" button.

For an unsent invitation, the process is similar but you will see the "options" tab near the top of your page. Please note, you must fill in the appropriate information and "save and continue" from the "design & details" and "guest list" pages to get to the "options" page.

I don't want guests to know who else I have invited. How do I make my guest list private? And how do I remove the News & Comments Stream?
To make your guest list and RSVPs private, log into your account and click the invitation in your dashboard. Click the "options" tab of an unsent invitation or the "edit options" icon of a sent invitation. Scroll down to "RSVP and privacy settings". Next to the option "Guests can view" you will see a drop down menu. Choose the option "nothing, private guest list".

The process to remove the News & Comments Stream is similar, except that for the last step you would deselect the option "Guests can view News & Comments". You can also delete individual news and comment updates from the News & Comments Stream on your event report.

How do I respond to a private message?

  • Log into your account
  • Click the event in your dashboard
  • Click the "private messages" icon
  • Click the <reply> button in the conversation window for the guest/recipient to whom you'd like to reply; you'll see a pop-up window with a text area for your reply; when you're ready to send, click the <email reply> button to send your reply.

How do I delete/edit the message above my design in the email (i.e., personalized email message)?
You can edit your personalized email message from the confirmation page, the last page you'll see before your invitation or ecard is sent. Just click the "personalize email" button on that page and you can then change the subject line and message. Please be sure to select "Send the personalized message you added the last time you sent", even the first time that you personalize the subject line and/or message and send the invitation or ecard. To get back to the confirmation page after you have sent the invitation or ecard:

  • Log into your account
  • Click the event in your dashboard
  • Click the "resend invite" icon
  • Select the box in the email column next to any guest/recipient in your list; don't worry, you're not going to actually resend the invitation or ecard
  • Proceed to the next page

You should be back on the confirmation page. Click the "personalize email" button to edit/remove the message above your design and/or edit the subject line.

How do I view individual guest RSVPs?
Ecards have no RSVP capability. For info on viewing RSVPs to invitations, please see our View RSVPs page.

What happens if I want to cancel my event?
If you will no longer be having your event, you may cancel it and a notice will be sent to your guests informing them that the event is canceled. You can even add your own message to the cancellation notice. To cancel your event, log into your account and go to your "dashboard". In the listing for your event is a set of icons. Click the "cancel" icon to cancel your event and send a cancellation notice to your guests. You will be given the option to add your own message to the notice. You may also delete your event after the cancellation by clicking the "delete" icon.

How do I set the RSVP for a guest?
You can manually RSVP for a guest after you send your invitation. To manually RSVP for a guest, log into your account and click the invitation in your dashboard. Click your invitation. Click the "manage guests" icon. In the RSVP column for your guest (where it says Delivered/Viewed/Yes/No/Maybe/Unsent), click the current delivery/RSVP status that you want to set/change and you should see a list of the different RSVP options of Yes/No/Maybe. Click one of these options to set the RSVP for your guest.

Why can my event web page still show up in Google after I turn off the option to make my event web page searchable?
In order to make your event web page searchable, we create a special public event link for your event web page and allow Google (and other search engines) access to this link. We also allow Google to index your public event web page. When you uncheck the option to make your event web page searchable, we delete this public event web page. However, once Google has indexed a web page, they maintain a cached (i.e. stored) copy of the page so that even if you delete the page (as we do when you deselect the option), Google may still have a stored copy of the page that can be found in web searches.

Can I print name tags for my guests?
You can export your guest list by clicking the <print & export> button beneath the guest/recipient/RSVP list on the event management page, and then clicking the "DOWNLOAD" link on the resulting page. Once you have your file in .csv format, there are a number of third party software available which will allow you to print labels (such as name tags) with your guests' information. One such free software is the Avery Wizard for Microsoft Office.