Photos and Videos

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Photos and Videos

You can share photos and a video on your invitation or ecard web page.

Add Photos
On the "Options" page of your invitation/ecard, you will see the "web page features" section. Click the "photos" tab.

You can upload up to 10 photos and they will appear on the event or ecard web page. Each uploaded picture must be a JPG file and must be less than 5MB.

You can add photos from a Flickr account by entering the Flickr ID (aka Flickr screen name) into the text box and clicking "search". You must ensure that your Flickr profile and Flickr photos and photo streams that you'd like to share are public. Otherwise, your photos/albums will not show up in the search.

Add a Video
You can add a video from YouTube by clicking the "video" tab within the "web page features" section of the "Options" page. You can then paste the URL into the URL field and click "save". The YouTube video must explicitly allow embedding for this to work.