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Managing and extracting information about your event/ecard

Once you have created your invitation or ecard and sent your first messages to guests/recipients, you can see and monitor activity relating to your event or ecard through the "event report"/"ecard report". The event report is the source for most of your event management needs. Ensure that you check it regularly, as it gives a thorough summary of all activity related to your event.

To access your event/ecard report:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click the invitation or ecard in your dashboard

Event/Ecard Statistics

The ecard report tab contains a pie chart showing delivery statuses to date. It also contains email statistics for the sent ecards.

For invitations, the event report shows guest RSVPs in the pie chart, along with a count of each RSVP type. A summary of current headcount is also visible by default. Click the "More" link in that section to view email statistics.

Email Statistics
The total 'Emails Delivered' indicates the number of invitations/ecards that were sent. The total 'Estimated Opened' figure shows how many of your guests/recipients opened their emails. Please be aware that the number of emails opened is an estimate. We tend to under report emails opened because we cannot track opened emails 100% accurately. This is because our tracking system for digital invitations and ecards works using a very small tracking image within the email. An email counts as opened when our tracking image opens. What this means is that guests/recipients whose email clients do not show images, or who are behind a firewall that blocks tracking requests or who have disabled viewing images within emails do not get counted.

If you see "Email Block Request", this means that at least one guest/recipient has indicated that no further communication from you is desired. "Unsubscribe request" indicates the number of guests/recipients who opted to be unsubscribed from all future communication about that particular event or ecard. If any of your guest's/recipient's email addresses bounced, you will see a link called "Fix Bounces". Click "Fix Bounces" to be directed to a page where you can either fix the email addresses for those guests or remove them from your list.

Guest List and Event Management
The event report contains your guest/recipient list and RSVPs (if it's an invitation). You can print and export your guest/recipient list by clicking the "print & export" button beneath your guest/recipient list.

The event report also contains a news & comments stream which lists event activity. You can scroll through your news & comments stream to view who has opened your email messages, viewed your event web page, and (as appropriate) left an RSVP. You can also read comments posted by guests/recipients as well as private messages sent by guests/recipients. You can download the stream in either .csv or .txt file formats.

Some items in the news & comments stream are only visible by the organizer. You can remove any item from the stream by clicking the "x" in the listing for the item. For more on the news & comments stream, please visit our News & Comments Stream page.

Event/Ecard Management
Since the event/ecard report is aimed at making it easy for you to manage your event or ecard, it contains links to the most common actions organizers/senders perform after sending an invitation or ecard. These actions include adding guests/contacts, editing guests/contacts, visiting the event/ecard web page, editing the invitation or ecard, and resending the invitation or ecard.