Selecting Your Design

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Selecting Your Design

We have tried to make the process of selecting your design as simple and as intuitive as possible.

Collections We have a number of collections that will help you plan your next fabulous party or send your next great announcement. Collections are a group of designs grouped together by a common element: all created by the same designer or all belonging to a certain theme.

Designers The work of many talented designers is available for you to use as your invitation or card design. Just click on a designer's name to get started or type in the designer's name. Each designer has a profile page that contains all the designs they have in their collection. This gives you an easy way to access the designs of your favorite designer.

Designs Each design collection and designer's page contains a list of designs. Click a design thumbnail to get to the design page where you can see a bigger version of the design and select how you would like to send the design.

Your Own Images You can use your own image as the invitation or card design by uploading an image. You must warrant that the image is royalty-free and that you have the right to use it in this manner. Choose to use your own image by selecting the "Your Image" collection. Click here for more information.