Send an eCard or Save the Date

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Send an eCard or Save the Date

There are several different ways to to send ecards to recipients. Ecards have no RSVP capability and are a perfect substitute for invitations when you don't need to collect RSVPs. Examples of common ecards include "Thank yous", "Save the dates", "Happy birthday!", "Happy holidays", "Baby announcements", etc.

The most common approach is to add your recipients' email addresses to your recipient list, and have us send your ecard through email. Each email message will include a unique link to your ecard web page, which allows recipients to see the ecard and access other features (send messages, contribute to a fund, etc.) without having to provide any further information to us (we use the unique link to identify them).

Another approach is to use social networks and other websites (like Facebook, Twitter, or your own email software etc.) to send messages with a link to your ecard web page.

You can use both of these approaches together. For example, you can upload a list of recipients and have us send personalized links to them and then send a message with the link to another group of recipients through personal means.

Furthermore, you can send printed versions of your ecards by postal delivery. Your printed cards will include a unique link to your ecard web page, which allows recipients to see the ecard or access other features (send messages, contribute to a fund, etc.).

Start by selecting or uploading a design, then add recipients and pick your delivery methods (email, postal mail, social networks i.e. Facebook, or any combination) and we will deliver the ecards to your intended recipients. Through a unique report that is provided for every ecard, you can manage your recipients, see how many emails have been viewed and view messages that were sent to you by recipients.

To create an ecard, start browsing our design collections. After you click on the design that you want to use, select "Send a Card or Save-the-Date " and then click "Send an eCard Without RSVPS" within the "How would you like to use this design" section to start creating your ecard.

Sending a Save the Date Card:

We know that sometimes the only planning you have done for an event may be setting a date (or a few possible dates). However, in order to snag future "yes" RSVPs from your guests, it's good to have a way to tell them to save the date(s) in their calendar. In these cases, we suggest that you create an ecard. Ecards give you more flexibility to add or remove information, as needed, for an event whose details have not yet been finalized. For example, you don't need to specify a date and time for an ecard since you can enter whatever information you want in the ecard message.

To create your "save the date ecard', create an ecard, enter the possible dates or ideas for your event in the ecard message. Then send it to your recipients or simply send the ecard without adding any recipients if you want to share the link to the ecard through personal means.

When you decide on the specific details of your event, you can convert your ecard to an event invitation by clicking the "copy" icon for the ecard in your "dashboard" and selecting "copy to an invite". This will copy the design, recipient list, message, etc. to an invitation. With the invitation, you will have event management features such as managing RSVPs, managing guest party size and more.