Sending Postal Invitations & Cards

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Sending Postal Invitations and Cards

To send printed versions of your invitations or ecards by postal delivery to guests/recipients, you need to:

This service costs $2.50 US per card plus $0.65 US postage for US addresses ($3.15 US total per card), or $1.18 US postage for international addresses ($3.68 US total per card).

Before sending out your invitation or ecard, in the "postal delivery options" tab you can select each guest/recipient to whom you would like to send a printed invitation or ecard by postal delivery. Alternatively, you can select the 'postal' option for each guest/recipient in the "guest list" or "list" tab once you've added postal addresses using the "postal recipients" tab. You can also send your invitation or ecard by postal delivery after emails have already been sent.

To preview your postal invitation or ecard, click the "preview" button and then click "postal". Each guest who receives a postal invitation with RSVPs will get a unique RSVP code that will be used for tracking the guest's RSVP response.

Postal invitations and cards are mailed within 2 business days from when you submit your order. With regards to delivery time, once we mail the invites / ecards we cannot track them because the USPS does not provide tracking services for First Class mail. However, we've found postal invitations and cards are generally delivered to guests/recipients within 2-10 business days from the day they are printed and mailed. Delivery times for international orders may be longer, depending on the destination. Please note that sending invitations or ecards by postal delivery is a paid service; click here for more details.

Unique RSVP code
Along with all your event details and message to guests, printed on the inside of each invitation sent by postal delivery is a website address (URL) and unique RSVP code which they can use to RSVP online.

To RSVP, all your guests need to do is visit the URL and enter the alpha-numeric RSVP code printed on the inside of their invitation. The RSVP code identifies each of your guests and allows them to RSVP to your event.