Setting up and using an event potluck

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Setting up and using a potluck

Adding a potluck to your event is as easy as clicking the potluck tab (which is located within the "web page features" section of the "Options" page) and adding items to your list. You may specify the items on your list and/or allow guests to enter their own items. By default, guests will be unable to add their own items to the list. To add an item, specify your item name and select the requested number.

If you add a potluck to your event, guests will be able to select to bring an item from the potluck section on the event web page. You will be notified of items guests are bringing in daily RSVP updates or in the individual RSVP notifications, depending on the RSVP notification method you have chosen. Guest potluck responses will also be captured in the News & Comments Stream. If you have reminders scheduled for you event, they will contain a reminder to guests of the items that they are bringing.

You may add, delete or edit items on your potluck list by logging into your account, clicking the invitation in your dashboard, clicking "edit options" and clicking the "potluck" tab within the "web page" features section. You can then edit your potluck list.