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Studio FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Designer Studio.

Q: Why should I join the Design Community?

  • Put your art to work in a new useable medium. These days artists can place their work on nearly everything. By joining the Design Community you can offer your family, friends, and fans online and printed invitations, announcements, and cards designed by you.
  • Tap into a new viral audience. One event has an average of 50 guests. That's 50 people seeing your artwork, from one singular event. Imagine the possibilities.
  • Extend brand awareness. Put your artwork, business, and brand in front of thousands of people.
  • Promote Yourself. You're more than a one-person show and have other products you design/sell. Tell people about them. On your Profile page, showcase your invitation and card designs and link to your personal website(s).
  • AND maybe even earn some extra cash along the way.

Q: Will I be featured throughout the site? If not, how do I gain this exposure?
We rotate our designers in features throughout the site. Once your collection is complete, we would most likely rotate you through on a regular basis. Tagging is also an important way to get exposure - having your design be "findable" as people search is another good way to gain exposure.

Q: Who owns the work that I submit?
A: Your work is exactly that, yours. You retain full ownership of your designs. You can remove, edit or add designs at anytime.

Q: Why doesn't my design show up when I search for it using a tag that I've added to the design?
A: When you join the Design Community, any designs you create and activate are added to the Gallery once your collection is made public by our team. Designs are randomly pulled by our search algorithm, which pulls many different designs at a time. Your designs might not be included in one search, but might be in the next. You can also distribute your custom URL, which links directly to your profile page and will display all of your active designs. You'll find the custom URL and other promotional material in the Designer Studio by clicking the "Promotional Material" link.

Q: How do my designs get sorted into specific collections?
A: Everything you see on the site outside of your own personal collection is curated into collections by the team. This being the case, you may see a delay in relevant designs being added to certain categories. With many designs on the site, we try to be as fair as possible when curating designs while being aware of the balance between free designs and premium designs.

Q: How do I put a link and/or email address in my bio?
A: To turn any text within your bio into a link, simply enclose the text you want to turn into a link in square parentheses, immediately followed by the actual URL you want the text to link to enclosed in regular parentheses. For example:

  • [This]( links the word "This" to, and users will not see the actual URL in your bio.

In the bio users see, it will look like this:

  • This links the word "This" to, and users will not see the actual URL in your bio.

To add a clickable email address within your bio, simply enclose the email address with angle brackets. For example:

  • You can reach me at <>

Q: How long will my designs be on the site?
A: For as long as you like. You can add and remove designs from your collection or edit existing designs as often as you'd like.

Q: How many designs do I need to create a collection?
A: A collection usually consists of, and looks best with, at least 4 designs.

Q: Can I make money with my designs?
A: Well, in fact, yes you can. Check out the Designer Rewards Program for complete info.

Q: Are my designs protected from people downloading and printing them?
A: Yes. While we do ask for a hi-res file, it is not available for download. We use the hi-res file to print postal invitations and cards when a user chooses to send printed versions of their cards and invitations (i.e., USPS first class mail).

Q: What are the specifications for uploading artwork?
A: Your artwork should meet the following specifications:

  • It must be a .jpg
  • it should conform to an aspect ratio of less than 3:1 or 1:3 (i.e. it must be less than 3 times high as it is wide, or vice-versa)
  • The file cannot be larger than 4MB
  • The file must be saved with an RGB color space, and not CMYK; CMYK images will not work

Q: Who can use my invitations and cards?
A: Once you have activated your design, anyone can use it as long as your collection is public.

Q: Why are there so many types of stencils?
A: No two stencils are the same. Each stencil has a unique combination of elements (text areas, overlays, image ports, etc.). Since you can't add or remove elements from a stencil, you should choose the stencil that best meets your needs. For example: if you want your design to have two text areas and two image ports, select the stencil with those exact elements.

Q: How do I delete my designs?
A: Deleting a design is permanent, so before you delete a design just make sure that's what you really want to do. Also, you cannot delete an active design, so before deleting a design you must drag-and-drop it into the "inactive" section on your "designs" page.

To delete a design:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click "designer studio" within the "account" tab
  3. Click the "designs" link
  4. Click the "edit" link beneath the inactive design you wish to delete (a design must be "inactive" before you can delete it)
  5. Click the "delete this design" link located to the left of the "save changes" button

Q: I can't make my artwork area bigger.
A: You might have run out of image to show, try clicking the edit/crop button and zooming in.

Q: What does overflowing text mean?
A: Text areas must be large enough for users to enter a useful amount of text. If you cannot read the placeholder text in the text area, then the text area is too small, the font is too big, or both. Try reducing the font size or making the text area larger.

Q: Can I have overlapping text areas?
A: No. Text areas can be right next to each other, or stacked atop one another, but they can't overlap.

Q: Where can I see how my designs are doing?
A: To see detailed information about your designs and how often they are being used:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click "designer studio" within the "account" tab
  3. Click the ""Usage Report" link within the "studio management" heading

After Step 3 above you'll see a detailed usage report for your designs in the "Usage report" section. Just below that you'll see the "design popularity" section which displays your designs in descending order from most to least popular moving from left to right, i.e., the most popular design is always first in the list.