The Dashboard

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The Dashboard

You must have an account and be logged in to see the dashboard.

The dashboard allows you to easily manage all of your events and cards, in addition to viewing ones you have received. If you are actively managing or working on multiple invitations/cards, it allows you to see a summary and switch between them.

By clicking on the event that you want to manage, you can view a summary of the views and RSVPs for each event, as well as the total headcount. In addition, you can simply click a button to cancel, delete, copy, share, view the event web page or manage your event or ecard.

For received events/ecards, the dashboard shows your RSVP (if it is an event) and enables you to click a link to share the event/ecard (if allowed by host) or visit the event/ecard web page under the "Received" tab.

To access your dashboard, log into your account, click the "account" tab, and click "dashboard".