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How do I collect money from my ticket sales?

To collect money you must have a verified PayPal account. This is how you will receive your payments. If you do not have a PayPal account you can simply set one up by clicking the 'sign up' link on paypal.com

If you would like to to enable your guests to pay with a credit card, you must have a 'Premier' or 'Business' PayPal account. You can use a personal PayPal account, however your guest will need to have a PayPal account in order to purchase tickets as they will not be able to pay with a credit card.

When setting up tickets, enter your PayPal Account ID into the appropriate text box on the "ticketing" page. The Account ID is the email address registered to your PayPal account - it is important that you enter this correctly.

When a guest purchases a ticket, the transaction is processed directly into your PayPal account. The $1 fee (see foreign currency fees for other currencies) is then sent from your PayPal account directly to us. You do not have to take any action to send the fee to us, this is taken care of automatically by PayPal.

Please make sure you comply with PayPal's "Terms and conditions". To read them see here

What kind of PayPal account must I have to collect money?

To receive money into your PayPal account, the account must be verified. For more information on verifying your account see here

If you want to enable your guests to pay with a credit card, you must have a "Premier" or "Business" PayPal account. You can still receive ticket money with a "Personal" account, however your guest will also need to have a PayPal account in order to purchase tickets as they will not be able to pay with a credit card.

When do I get paid?

Funds from your ticket sales are deposited immediately into your PayPal account when tickets are purchased. We do not handle the funds, so there is no delay imposed by us. PayPal's normal policies for withdrawing funds from your PayPal account apply.

Can I set my ticket price to international currency?

Yes, when setting up your tickets you can choose which currency you would like your ticket price to appear in.

You must also make sure that the currency you set for your event matches the currency you have set up in your PayPal account.

You can set up events with different currencies, but once you have set the currency for an event, it is permanent for that event and cannot be changed.

What is the ticket fee and how am I affected?

For each ticket sold there is a $1 fee. You can decide if you will pay the fee, or if you would like the fee added to the ticket price to be paid by your guests. You can make this selection in the "ticketing" step of your event creation process.

For example, consider an event with a ticket price of $10: If you choose to pay the fee the guest pays $10, $1 is paid to us, and you will net $9.

If you choose to have the guest pay the fee, then the guest will pay $10+$1=$11, $1 will be paid to us, and you will net $10.

PayPal fees also apply to your transactions. PayPal's fee is usually 2.9% of ticket value + $0.30 per transaction for credit card transaction, but may vary depending on your transaction volume. Check your PayPal account to confirm the fee. For more info on PayPal's fees see PayPal help

Can I add multiple types of tickets to my event?

If there are multiple types of tickets available for your event, you can add them on the ticketing page as you set up the invitation.

After you enter the event information on the "design & details" page, you will be directed to the "ticketing" page. Enter the email address for your PayPal account and indicate whether you or your guest will be paying the ticketing fee ($1 per ticket). Please be sure that the email address for your PayPal account is confirmed and that your account is verified before you send your invitations. These steps are necessary to fully verify your account. If your PayPal account is not fully verified, your guests will receive an error message when they try to purchase tickets.

Enter the ticket name, description, and the price amount for the first type of ticket. Click “add ticket type” to add an additional ticket type. There is no maximum amount of ticket types that you can add to an event. Differentiate the ticket types by adding a ticket name, description, and price amount for each ticket. You can set the quantity available for each type by selecting the box under “limited quantity” and entering the amount of tickets available in the text field. Be sure to click “save & continue” to add your tickets to the event.

Why does my ticket preview show the wrong information?

The ticket preview shows you an example of the content which is sent to your guests as a PDF attachment. The information on the preview is static and does not change for each ticket buyer. Your guests will each receive a customized ticket number and QR code which are not shown in the preview.

Why are my guests receiving an error message when they try to purchase tickets?

In order to allow your guests to purchase tickets, your PayPal account must be fully verified. Your guests may receive an error message when trying to purchase tickets if this process has not been completed. To check if your account is verified, log into your PayPal account and then enter this URL into the address bar: https://www.paypal.com/us/verified/pal=USER@GMAIL.COM. Replace user@gmail.com with your PayPal account email address and you will be directed to a page that will state if your account is verified or unverified.

Please check that your email address for your PayPal account has been confirmed as it is necessary to complete verification.

If the link doesn’t work, you can request a confirmation code by mail.

To become verified, you need to add and confirm your bank account to your PayPal account. If you don’t want to add your bank account, you can get verified by applying and being approved for the PayPal Extras MasterCard®.

If you are experiencing problems verifying your account, please call PayPal at 888-221-1161. Let them know that you are the primary receiver of funds in a chained payment and ask them what needs to be done to your account to make it work properly.

For more information on PayPal's verification process, please see here.

I do not want to specify a price, I want guests to have the option to donate or have flexible pricing on my tickets. How do I do this?

The ticketing service does not support flexible or optional ticket prices. If you want to have optional or flexible pricing you must choose the standard "invitation" option and use the event fund instead of the ticketing feature. The event fund feature is a flexible system to allow guests to contribute money to the host of an event, but it does not issue tickets. For more information on using the event fund please see this help section Setting up and using an event fund.

Can I sell tickets for a raffle?

No, due to PayPal's 'Acceptable Use Policy' you may not use the PayPal service for activities that involve gambling, gaming and/or any other activity with an entry fee and a prize, including, but not limited to casino games, sports betting, horse or greyhound racing, lottery tickets, other ventures that facilitate gambling, games of skill (whether or not it is legally defined as a lottery) and sweepstakes unless the operator has obtained prior approval from PayPal and the operator and customers are located exclusively in jurisdictions where such activities are permitted by law.

For more information please see PayPal's 'Acceptable Use Policy'

What is capacity, and how does it affect my ticket sales?

Setting a capacity for your event controls the number of tickets available. This includes tickets that are for sale and complimentary tickets. You can expand and reduce the capacity any time by going to "edit tickets" from the event management page.

How do I edit my ticket price/event capacity/ticket description etc. after my initial send?

1. Log into your account
2. Click the invitation in your dashboard
3. Click the "edit tickets" icon
4. You will be directed to the "ticketing page", where you will be able to edit your ticket price, title, PayPal account details, capacity etc.

How do I assign complimentary tickets to my guests?

1. Log into your account
2. Click the invitation in your dashboard
3. Click the "manage guests" icon
4. To assign complimentary tickets to your guests, click their current RSVP status and you will see Send Tickets/No/Maybe options. Click the 'Send tickets' option
5. You can then specify how many free tickets you want to send to this guest. The corresponding number of tickets will be sent to that guest's email address.

Who is responsible for disputes between hosts and ticket buyers?
As the event host, your ticket buyer's money is deposited directly into your PayPal account. We do not handle funds on your behalf, and we are not responsible for any disputes that may arise between yourself and your ticket buyers.

How do I issue refunds to my guest?

All refunds must be processed via PayPal. See PayPal help for more details

How do I add sales tax or VAT?

We do not calculate or manage sales taxes or VAT. It is up to you as the host to include any sales tax in your ticket price and information.

I want a refund for tickets I purchased. How can I receive this?

We do not handle funds on our hosts' behalf, all payments are remitted directly to the ticket seller. If you have a dispute or wish to ask for a refund on your purchased tickets you must contact the host of the event directly. PayPal's standard policies apply to all disputes PayPal help page

I lost my tickets! Can I get replacements?

If you have an account you can simply login and select the "received" tab in your dashboard. Directly below the event you have bought tickets for you will see a "resend tickets" button. Click this button and you will be sent tickets to the email address you are registered with.

If you do not have an account you can either create one by registering and following the above steps, or you will see the "resend tickets" button on the event web page of the event that you have purchased tickets for. A link to the event web page can be found in your email invitation. If you have been forwarded a link, click it to be directed to the event web page.

What do my guests receive when they purchase tickets?

When your guests buy tickets to your event they will be sent an email with a PDF attachment of their tickets. The tickets will show the name of the event, the price, address of the event and any other details that you add in the ticketing set up process. There will also be a thumbnail image of your event design, a unique ticket number and a QR code.

What are QR codes?

Each ticket will contain a unique QR (quick read) code. This is similar to a bar code and can be scanned by many different readers, including some cell phones.

There are many QR code scanner apps you can download to your smart phone One example is Optiscan for the iPhone. This app allows you to scan tickets, view the history and export information to .csv via email. For more information on this app go to this link:

App store

How do I print my guest list?

1. Log into your account
2. Click the event in your dashboard
3. Click the "print & export" button located beneath the guest/RSVP list.
4. Click the "download" or “print” link located at the top of the page
If you choose “download”, after step 4 a .csv copy of your guest list with all the guest info you have entered, included guests' email addresses, will be downloaded to your computer.

How do I add ticketing to an already created invitation/ecard

It is not possible to add the ticketing feature to an invitation or ecard that has already been created. The ticketing option must be chosen at the gallery stage of the process. You can create a ticketed event by clicking the design that you want to use and clicking "Sell tickets to an event". You can also copy an invitation or ecard to a ticketed event by clicking the "copy" icon beneath your invitation or ecard in your dashboard, and clicking "copy to a ticketing event".