Using Your Own Images

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Using Your Own Images

You can use your own image as the entire invitation or card design, or within a design template, by selecting the template that you want to use, uploading an image and then dragging and dropping the image(s) into the image port(s). You must warrant that the image is royalty-free and that you have the right to use it in this manner.

To use any image you own or create as part of your invitation or ecard, it must meet the following specifications:

  • it must be a .jpg
  • it should conform to an aspect ratio of less than 3:1 or 1:3 (i.e. it must be less than 3 times high as it is wide, or vice-versa)
  • minimum image dimensions are 560 x 560
  • maximum image dimensions are 5000×5000
  • must be created/saved as RGB and not CMYK; CMYK images will appear with reversed colors or as negatives after uploading
  • file size must be smaller than 4MB

Most digital pictures will meet this specification. Also, please note that if you are designing your own artwork with text near the edges, it is best to ensure that you add a 1/8" bleed to the design.

If you're having trouble uploading an image, it might be too large or in the wrong format. If your image meets our specifications, please delete the browser cookies and attempt to upload the image again, or upload the image in an entirely different browser.

Upload an image
You will find the option to upload your own image during the process of creating your invitation or ecard.

To upload your own image(s):

  • Log into your account
  • Click the "get started" button in your dashboard
  • Select a design with an image port from the gallery, or navigate to the "Your Image" page
  • Select your image option and select how you would like to send your design
  • Click the image port that appears, click the "Upload image" button and select the image you want to upload

Once you have uploaded an image, it will be saved under the "my images" tab. Just drag-and-drop the image into the image port to add your image to the design template.

JPG image too small
If you try to drag-and-drop an image into an image port and see an error message saying your image is too small, you must resize the image. Just about any photo editing application will allow you to resize an image. As a guideline, any image that is 560×560 can be used in any design with an image port. Different configurations of height and width will also work, providing the image meets the specifications above.

Full image not printable
When you choose to use your full image as your design using the full non-crop option, you cannot have it printed for postal delivery. This is a particularly useful option if you don't want to crop your image and are only sending your invitation or ecard digitally. You could choose to select another crop option (when you click the design on the "Design & Details" page, you'll see multiple crop options appear) in order to print your invitation or card.

Low-quality image
Even if you have used a low-quality or low-resolution image in your design you can still have your design printed for postal delivery. Cropping an uploaded image can sometimes reduce its quality or resolution. The degree of quality loss is variable, and depends on the resolution of the original image you uploaded and the degree to which it has been cropped. You can check to see if you are using a low-quality image by clicking preview>postal. If your image is of low-quality, you will see a warning message in the preview window.